One Eyed Kutkh, Nintendo Switch

One Eyed Kutkh is a charming puzzle game that sees the title character crash land on a planet and need to find a way to escape. (That seems like a familiar premise after playing Planet Rix-13 on Switch earlier this month.)

When firing it up, the thing that struck me first about the game is the beautiful art style. With vibrant colours, and a charming, cartoony style, every character and location is a joy to look at, which make exploring the planet a pleasure.

Screenshot from One Eye Kutkh. The title character - Kutkh - is a one eyed alien, sat in a spaceship. The ship and Kutkh are bright colours of pink and purple, against a dark blue sky.

This is a good thing, because the puzzles are minimal. But just as the gameplay isn’t the point in Journey, neither is it the point here. That’s not to say that One Eyed Kutkh is on the same level as thatgamecompany’s masterpiece (it’s not), but it’s the journey Kutkh takes while repairing it’s ship that feels like the most significant thing here.

Screenshot from One Eyed Kutkh. A cartoon sun is fighting with the moon over a sculpture shaped like a man. They are inside a spaceship.

This journey, and it’s simple fairy-tale story of provoking a fight between the sun and the moon, is told entirely wordlessly. So it’s a good job that One Eyed Kutkh is so visually engaging. In fact, the only words in the entire game are the title screen, and the credits.

Even the settings are completely devoid of words, which caused some slight problems for me when I managed to accidentally backtrack to an earlier part of the game, loosing my progress in the process. As much as I like having a wordless game, that leaves me to figure things out for myself and to put my own interpretation on its story, I can’t feel that it might have been helpful to have just a few more words.

That said, the simple UI is brilliantly straightforward and easy to grasp. A hand hovers on the screen that you can move around to interact with items, and buttons that appear to enable you to move around and see possible actions.

Screenshot from One Eyed Kutkh, showing humanoid figure surrounding by deer. Above the figures head are three icons and a hand, which is selecting one of them.

I thought One Eyed Kutkh was a charming way to spend a couple of hours. I enjoyed its slow pace, and was grateful to have a game that was less about the challenge than the experience. That said, it won’t be for everyone. But if you don’t come to expecting a lengthy, puzzle packed game, I think it’s an experience you could enjoy.

One Eyed Kutkh is available to purchase from the Nintendo Switch eShop for £4.49 / €4.99 / $4.99. It is also available on PS4, Vita, Xbox One and Steam.

Editorial note: I received a free code for One Eyed Kutkh as part of #IndieSelect, an initiative hosted by @IndieGamerChick

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