South Park: The Stick of Truth, Nintendo Switch

South Park: the Stick of Truth is unsurprisingly an RPG with a sense of humour. Based on the iconic and irreverent animated television series, it see you play a new kid who has moved into South Park.

Screenshot from South Park: The Stick of Truth on Nintendo Switch

New kid quickly gets co-opted into a war that is waging between two rival groups of kids within town: the humans and the elves. Along the way, the characteristic humour of South Park pokes fun at everything from Lord of the Rings to Al Gore.

And the good news is that it is very funny. I found myself laughing out loud pretty constantly throughout. Sure, I may have felt guilt at some of the things I laughed at – this is far from being a politically correct game – but that’s what you expect from Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Screenshot from South Park: The Stick of Truth on Nintendo Switch

As well as being funny, Stick of Truth is also a really good, turn-based RPG. Over the eleven or so hours I spent playing the main story, I never tired of battling. Battles have an enjoyable fluidity to them – despite being turn based – and there is just enough variety of weapons and attack types without there being a bewildering array.

And even the battles are funny. The characters of South Park may be playing at high fantasy, but these are school children, so it makes much more sense to have spotty hall monitors as bosses than balrogs.

In short, South Park was funny and it was fun. I think that’s a pretty winning combination. I’m not a massive South Park fan, but I found plenty here to keep me entertained. The Stick of Truth may not be an overly long game, but I certainly felt that I got my money’s worth.

Now that I’ve played The Stick of Truth, I’ll be looking forward to giving The Fractured But Whole a play as well. Watch this space!

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